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Bendigo Superannuation

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Bendigo Superannuation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Trustee of the Bendigo Superannuation Plan (BSP). Our purpose is to act in the best interest of the BSP members and beneficiaries. 

Our Products

Simple, low cost and easy to use. Bendigo SmartStart superannuation products are designed to help you retire more comfortably.

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Super for you

Bendigo SmartStart Super® is rated one of the cheapest public offer funds in Australia, which is great because the less fees you pay in super, the more you will be able to save towards your retirement.

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Pension for when you retire

Bendigo SmartStart Pension® aims to provide a low-cost and easy to use solution to help you in your retirement or as you transition to retirement.

Fund news

Read our fund news to find out any relevant updates and/or upcoming changes that may affect your super.

Unit prices

For up to date information on the application and redemption prices (unit prices) of any relevant underlying investments and the APIR code of each of our available invesments. 


Retirement gap*

The retirement gap calculator assists you to identity if there is a gap between your retirement savings and how much you will actually need in order to obtain the lifestyle you want in retirement.


The savings calculator helps project how much your savings may be worth over a period of time, enabling you to undertake various scenarios to compare results.

Salary sacrifice*

The salary sacrifice calculator compares both methods of contributions - pre-tax (salary sacrifice) and after tax contributions - to determine the net effect on your take home pay and super contributions.

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