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MySuper product dashboard

If you do not make an investment choice when you join Bendigo SmartStart Super or you select Bendigo MySuper as your investment option, your account will be attributed to Bendigo MySuper and your money will be invested as detailed below.

The Bendigo MySuper investment option is comprised of three age-based life stages; please click the fund link below to see the Product Dashboard for the relevant life stage investment:

Your account is automatically allocated to the appropriate investment based on your age. When you reach the age of the next life stage, future contributions will be automatically invested in the next life stage investment, with your account balance switched into that next life stage investment option during January of the following year. This means the investment risk automatically reduces as you get older without you having to remember to complete a switching request.

If you no longer wish to be invested in the Bendigo MySuper investment option and wish to make your own investment choice, you can do this at anytime by making an investment switch either online or in writing.

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